Food Experience

One thousand flavours journey

by Chef Ricardo Leite

Being a Alma Nomada means nature is your guide. Respecting the winds, the tides and the equinox. Gathering from the land and fishing from the sea.

Being a Alma Nomada is savouring one day at a time. It means sitting down to enjoy a meal with unexpected aromas and flavours, cooked with with skill, passion and respect for ingredients.

Being a Alma Nomada means honouring traditions, discovering authentic flavours and cultivating a taste for adventure.

Our executive chef, Ricardo Leite, and his team have worked with us to reinvent the culinary heritage of our region, offering you a delicious menu in a relaxed setting.

We are ALMA NOMADA FOOD EXPERIENCE. We're in Porto Covo, where the Alentejo and its gentle people meet the sea.

Your table awaits. Sit down with us.


Snacks, lunches, dinners and wine.
The good life is always to be found around a good table.


High standards, creativity and passion.

Ricardo Leite

Executive Chef

As a child he dreamed of being a pilot, but life took him in other directions and his flight mission today is as executive chef at Alma Nomada Food Experience. He trained at the famous Le Cordon Bleu School, in London, and his career has taken him to several restaurants such as 100 Maneiras Bistro, Bica do Sapato and Alexandre Silva no mercado. He has also worked at Michelin-starred establishments such as O Viajante, Feitoria and Loco. At the table, he likes nothing better than traditional Portuguese dishes, and his favourite is Arroz de polvo (Octopus rice).

Ismael Pereira

Head Chef

With a childhood passion for animals, he aspired to becoming a vet, but his culinary adventures got the better of him and it was his dream of being a chef that won the day. He trained at EPRAMI (Upper Minho Vocational College) and since then has never stopped searching for “the perfect dish”. Bica do Sapato, Cantinho do Avillez, 100 Maneiras Bistro and Altis Grand Hotel Lisboa are just some of the restaurants where he has honed his skills, in single-minded devotion to his craft. His friends say he can't do without a good Moqueca de peixe - a dish that brings back happy memories.

Sérgio Barbosa


He decided to hang up his football boots when he discovered a passion for working with his hands, at a table of seasonings, ingredients and sauces. Alexandre Silva, Henrique Sá Pessoa and Hotel Vincci are some of the big names in his CV, but his quest for experience continues, as junior sous-chef at our Alma Nomada Food Experience. Sérgio is someone who loves to cook, and also loves to eat, never happier than when tucking into a traditional dish of broad beans, pork and a poached egg.

Rafael Mourão


He says he cooks with his heart, and his passion is visible in the kitchen. Born in Fortaleza, he swapped Brazil for Portugal in search of fresh challenges in the food world. Trained at ACCP (Portuguese Association of Professional Chefs), he went on to work at restaurants such as Mano a Mano, Giorno and Altis Grand Hotel Lisboa. Asked to name his favourite dish, he had no hesitation: Moqueca de raia.

Daniel alves


The Universe and what goes on up there, where the stars live, was his great passion as a child. But it was with his feet firmly on the ground that he touched those called Michelin. After all, after graduating from the School of Hospitality in Setúbal, he left for Ireland to work at Cliff House, a restaurant awarded with a star. And the brightness continued to be part of its journey, in restaurants like Bica do Sapato, Palácio do Chiado, Eleven and, now, at Alma Nomada. As his favorite dish, he has no doubts: it could only be Bacalhau à Brás.

inês gomes

Room Head Chef

Known as sweet Inês, she made her friendly and dedicated personality the asset of her success. After graduating with merit and fulfilling her dream of working with children, she returned to the hospitality business, perhaps because in the times when she helped her parents in the cafeteria she realised that satisfied customers always come back. She was part of the Loco dining room team, a Michelin star restaurant, and headed chef Alexandre Silva counter, at Mercado da Ribeira. Today, she continues to like the smile of children, but i's the guest's smiles that make her happy. It doesn't go without her mother's Portuguese stew, nor the father's almond pie.


From the sea, the land and the Chef's inspiration.

The freshest fish and sea food, the most tender cuts of meats, skilful use of seasoning. Exploring new flavours and reworking the classics. Our Kitchen is a true celebration of regional produce, where the seasons of the year combine with our creativity to shape each dish.


  1. Couvert

    Homemade bread • House olive oil with seasonal herbs • Homemade butter smoked with fennel • Vizir Chutney


  1. Crispy wild shrimps

    Crispy wild shrimps, green Thai curry

  2. Acorn Ham Dish 36 months of cure (30gr)

    Acorn Ham Dish 36 months of cure (30gr)

  3. Warm cream

    Warm cream of coconut milk, pumpkin and courgette, burnt tuscan cabbage and toasted seeds

  4. Tender piglet pasties

    Tender piglet pasties, coriander, piglet foot sauce

  5. Cured Mackerel

    Cured mackerel, miso mayonnaise, lemon-lime oil, crispy black tapioca, pistachio and vinegar dashi

  6. Matured Rubia Minhota tartar

    Matured Rubia Minhota tartar, smoked mayonnaise, real corn taco and cured yolk


  1. Belgian Chocolate Brownie

    Brownie de chocolate belga [70%] e nozes, gelado de leite de ovelha, crumble de alecrim e frutos vermelhos de estação

  2. Moist Lemon Cake

    Moist lemon cake, São Tomé vanilla cream, fresh passion fruit sorbet and toasted hazelnuts

  3. Pineapple meringue tartlet

    Pineapple meringue tartlet from Azores, sorbet of the same and fresh powdered pennyroyal

  4. White chocolate bar

    White chocolate bar, hazelnut cream, kafir lime, coconut, red fruit coulis with beet sorbet

Main Courses

  1. Long-lasting aged cod

    Long-lasting aged cod, almond milk, pil-pil, caviar, potato crisp, sea herbs and dill air

  2. Assorted sea fresh fish

    Assorted sea fresh fish, crispy scales, bouillabaisse, Jerusalem artichoke, grilled vegetables

  3. Fresh octopus from the coast

    Fresh octopus from the coast slowly cooked, trout roe, grilled endive, shallot puree, roasted pepper sauce

  4. Grilled cauliflower

    Grilled cauliflower, green parsley, smoked bacon, elderberry vinegar, aged and grated octopus roe

  5. Hamburguer

    Hamburger (200gr) red onion jam, aged gouda cheese (1000 days XO), herbs salad and rustic potatoes

  6. Rubia Minhota burger aged 60 days

    Rubia Minhota burger aged 60 days (200gr), red cabbage compote, low temperature egg, hollandaise sauce, seasonal herbs and rustic potatoes

  7. Smoked suckling pig

    Smoked suckling pig with beans stew, crispy skin

  8. Entrecote Super Premium aged 60/90 days

    Entrecote Super Premium aged 60/90 days, cauliflower slaw and rustic potatoes

  9. Cowboy Kobegal Super Premium

    Cowboy (Prime Ribeye on the bone) Kobegal Super Premium matured 60/90 days (1kg), cauliflower slaw and rustic potatoes for two

  10. Super Premium cutlet aged 60/90 days

    Super Premium cutlet aged 60/90 days (1kg), cauliflower slaw and rustic potatoes for two

  11. Prawn rice

    Prawn rice in wood oven for two

Wine List

We may eat with our eyes, but the best flavours are enjoyed with our eyes closed.


The land and sea at your table.

That day you'll always remember.
Birthdays, group celebrations and corporate events.


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