Food Experience

One thousand flavours journey.

"My mission is to extract from nature the best raw material, to discover new aromas, textures and flavours. This is the only way I can create a cuisine with Soul, where simplicity and elegance merge in the essence of Porto Covo." Joachim Koerper

To be ALMA NOMADA is to live in harmony with the will of nature, harvesting from the land what the sea does not give and fishing in the sea what the land does not produce.

To have a NOMADA SOUL is to live in the flavour of each day. It means sitting at the table to dive into a delicious menu full of dishes with different fragrances and tastes, created with respect passion and art, which share with you the reinvention of the region's gastronomic heritage.

ALMA NOMADA FOOD EXPERIENCE is, therefore, the signature restaurant that, with the experience, quality and sublime vision of of Consultant Chef Joachim Koerper and Consultant Pastry Chef Cintia Koerper, and the resident Chefs Marco Nascimento and Ângela Franco now shines in the firmament of the Alentejo coast, in Porto Covo.

A concept that comes to life in a space with a boho-lux, informal and relaxed atmosphere, dedicated to those who enjoy the pleasure of eating well, and are therefore willing to travel, discover new places and surprise themselves.

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Snacks, lunches, dinners and wine.
The good life is always to be found around a good table.


Do mar, da terra e da inspiração da nossa equipa.

The freshest fish and sea food, the most tender cuts of meats, skilful use of seasoning. Exploring new flavours and reworking the classics. Our Kitchen is a true celebration of regional produce, where the seasons of the year combine with our creativity to shape each dish.


  1. Couvert

    2 varieties of artisan bread, signature olive oil, goat and seaweed butter


  1. Gazpacho

    watermelon and cherry with shrimp

  2. Fresh tuna

    with fennel, burrata and anchovies

  3. Grilled vegetable salad

    with goat cheese, sun-dried tomato and caramelized walnuts

  4. Foie gras roll

    with “bretzel brioche bread” and plum texture from Elvas


  1. Chef’s sweet suggestion

    by Cintia Koerper

  2. Sliced fresh fruit

  3. Selection

    of artisan cheeses

  4. Assortment of artisanal ice cream

    A.Gosto by Alma Nomada

Main Courses

  1. Crispy confit octopus

    sweet potato puree, roasted chives and pepper terrine

  2. Fish of the day

    with creamy citrus rice

  3. Smoked “carabineros” prawns

    squid, crispy cuttlefish ink fideuá and “carabineiro” emulsion

  4. Sirloin from Alentejo pasture

    with smoked mashed potato, grilled lettuce and “slaw” cabbage

  5. Entrecote premium

    aged 60 days with smoked mashed potato, grilled lettuce and “slaw” cabbage

  6. Sirloin from Alentejo pasture

    with smoked mashed potato, grilled lettuce and “slaw” cabbage

Wine List

We may eat with our eyes, but the best flavours are enjoyed with our eyes closed.


The land and sea at your table.

That day you'll always remember.
Birthdays, group celebrations and corporate events.


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    Um experiência fantástica!!!
    Cozinha excecional e staff muito simpático e atencioso. Ambiente muito acolhedor e decoração com muito bom gosto."
    "Excelente refeição, magnífica concepção, sabor divinal, tudo 5 estrelas, desde a simpatia dos empregados ao excelente trabalho do chef, a próxima estrela Michelin em Portugal"