Agreement between the User and Alma Nomada Portal

Agreement between the User and Alma Nomada Portal


When accessing and using this Website, you agree to the following conditions of use and to all terms and conditions contained or referred to herein or to any term and condition established for this Website and its conditions must be strictly complied with.  If you do not accept all of these Terms and Conditions, you should not access this Website. If you do not accept any other specific additional condition applicable to a particular content (such as defined below) or to certain operations carried out on this Website, you should not access the section of this Website that contains such Content or through which the same operations can be carried out. You should not access this content nor carry out these operations.

These Website Terms and Conditions may be modified by Alma Nomada Portal at any time.  If modified, these Terms and Conditions shall be valid from the time they are introduced to this Website. Please, check the Terms and Conditions published on this Website regularly in order to ensure that you know all the terms governing the use of this Website. There may be other Alma Nomada webpages that have their own Terms and Conditions, which will apply to such webpages.  There may also be Specific Terms and Conditions for some of the content, products, materials, services or information that contain or may be accessed through this Website (“Content”) or for the operations that may be carried out through this Website. Such specific terms and conditions can be a complement to these Terms and Conditions or, upon specification and only if the content or objective of those specific terms and conditions results in the opposite situation of what is determined in the terms specifying these Terms and Conditions, those Specific Terms and Conditions will cancel the Terms and Conditions hereof.

Alma Nomada portal reserves the right to make changes or updates related to or about the Content of this Website or about the format used at any time and regardless of prior notice. Alma Nomada portal reserves the right to end or restrict access to its Website for any reason whatsoever and at its full discretion.  Although special care has been taken in order to guarantee that all information contained in this Website is correct, Alma Nomada portal shall not assume any liability arising thereof.  the entire content is provided “as it is” and “as available”.  therefore, alma nomada portal strictly refuses to accept any kind of warranty or representation, express or implied, including, without any limitation, the warranties of merchantability, suitability to a certain purpose, non-infringement or operation of this website or its content. alma nomada does not warrant nor makes any representation of the security of this website, whereby it is understood that any information sent can be intercepted. Alma Nomada portal does not warrant that this website, the servers using this website or any electronic media that alma nomada sends, are free from viruses or any other potential harmful element.

Under no circumstances will alma nomada portal or any of its affiliated companies be liable for any direct, indirect, consequent, punishable, special or incidental damage (including, without limitation, damages related to loss of business, contracts, investments, data, information or cessation of business) caused, derived or connected with the use or the impossibility to use this website or its content, especially if alma nomada portal has warned you of such potential damages.  any action taken against alma nomada portal due to or in connection with this website, shall be filed by notifying alma nomada portal in writing, within one (1) year, as of the date when the cause giving rise to such action has started. 

This Website may contain links to other websites that are not controlled by Alma Nomada. Alma Nomada Portal will not be held liable, in any way, for the content of other websites. Alma Nomada Portal provides those links for convenience purposes only and the inclusion of a link to other websites does not imply any relation of Alma Nomada with the content of such other websites. 

Copyrights and other proprietary rights on the Content (including, without limitations, software, audio, video, text and photographs) belong to Alma Nomada Portal or to the holders of the corresponding licences.  All rights are reserved regarding the Content, which are not fully guaranteed by this document. Except as otherwise agreed, the Content published on this Website may be reproduced or distributed without changes for personal use only. Any other use of the Content is strictly forbidden, namely, distribution, reproduction, modification, viewing or transmission without prior written authorisation of Alma Nomada Portal.  All copyrights and other notices regarding the ownership of this material should be mentioned in all reproductions. 

Any material sent through or in connection with this Website (“User-related materials”) will be treated as non-confidential and will not be subject to proprietary rights. thus, such material will immediately become property of Alma Nomada and will be subject to the privacy policy contained on this Website.  Alma Nomada Portal can make use of these User-related materials as it deems appropriate, anywhere in the world, without any obligation of indemnity, and free from all and any moral rights, intellectual property rights and/or other proprietary rights on these User-related materials.

The Website may contain references to certain specific products and services of Alma Nomada that may not be (fully) available in some countries.  This reference does not imply nor warrants that these products or services are available at any time and in any country. Please, contact Alma Nomada Portal to obtain more information in such regard.

The software licence that can be used through or from this Website is subject to the applicable licence agreement.  Except as otherwise mentioned in the licence agreement, only users can use the software and any other copy, reproduction or redistribution of this software is strictly forbidden. The warranties, if any, related to such software shall only be applicable as expressly set forth in the applicable licence agreement.  hereby, Alma Nomada portal totally refuses any representation and warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, without any limitation, warranties of merchantability, suitability to a certain purpose or non-infringement regarding this software. 

These Terms and Conditions are under the jurisdiction of and will be drafted in accordance with the laws of Portugal, without any regard to the principles of law conflicts.  The user agrees to submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Portugal for any claim or to enforce any action derived from, related to or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or this Website, wherever and whenever this exclusivity is applicable to lawsuits that Alma Nomada Portal files or starts.