1. Crispy wild shrimps

    Crispy wild shrimps, green Thai curry

  2. Acorn Ham Dish 36 months of cure (30gr)

    Acorn Ham Dish 36 months of cure (30gr)

  3. Warm cream

    Warm cream of coconut milk, pumpkin and courgette, burnt tuscan cabbage and toasted seeds

  4. Tender piglet pasties

    Tender piglet pasties, coriander, piglet foot sauce

  5. Cured Mackerel

    Cured mackerel, miso mayonnaise, lemon-lime oil, crispy black tapioca, pistachio and vinegar dashi

  6. Matured Rubia Minhota tartar

    Matured Rubia Minhota tartar, smoked mayonnaise, real corn taco and cured yolk